Before continuing, please read the information below!


Welcome to the public Wi-Fi network at Scott City R-1 Schools! Before you begin to browse the Internet, we ask that you take the time to read and understand the following three items, to ensure your time on our network is as smooth and as safe as possible.

  1. Before using the public Wi-Fi, please review the District's Network Acceptable Use Policy. Continuing to use the public Wi-Fi being provided by Scott City Schools constitutes your acceptance of the policies. Click here to view the Scott City R-1 Network Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. The public Wi-Fi network belongs to Scott City R-1 Schools and may be monitored at any time by the District.
  3. To ensure the best experience possible using our public Wi-Fi, please download the Securly certificate below. Securly is the District's legally required content filter and installing the certificate should cause no issues with your connected device. However, not installing the certificate may mean that many of the web sites you wish to visit will not work correctly or at all.

In order to install the Securly certificate, please follow the instructions listed below. If you are an employee of the district and you need assistance, please contact the Tech Office:

Android (steps may be slightly different depending on manufacturer):

Securly Certificate

  1. Click the "Securly Certificate" link above
  2. Click on "Certificate Download"
  3. Install the Certificate as required by your device
  4. Once certificate is installed, you should have Internet access on the public Wi-Fi

If you're not sure how to install the certificate into your Android device, try following the steps below based on the manufacturer of your phone. If you don't see your manufacturer, try one of the others listed:

Samsung Galaxy Phones:

  1. Download the certificate
  2. Open: Settings -> Connections -> Wi-Fi
  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner and select "Advanced"
  4. Select "Install network certificates"
  5. Open your "Download" folder
  6. Select the Securly certificate and give it a name.
  7. Press OK.

Google Pixel:



Securly Certificate

    1. Click the "Securly Certificate" link above
    2. Press on "Certificate Download"
    3. Press "Allow"
    4. Press "Close"
    5. Go to "Settings"
    6. Near the top of settings select "Profile Downloaded"
    7. Press "Install"
    8. Input your passcode (if necessary)
    9. Press "Install"
    10. Press "Install" again, time time at the bottom of the screen.
    11. Press "Done" when certificate is Verified
    12. Go back to "Settings"
    13. Press "General"
    14. Press "About"
    15. Scroll down and press "Certificate Trust Settings"
    16. Toggle on for ""


Once you have installed the Securly certificate to your device, you may begin using the Internet.