Before continuing, please read the information below!


Welcome to the public Wi-Fi network at Scott City R-1 Schools! Before you begin to browse the Internet, we ask that you take the time to read and understand the following items, to ensure your time on our network is as smooth and as safe as possible.

  1. Before using the public Wi-Fi, please review the District's Network Acceptable Use Policy. Continuing to use the public Wi-Fi being provided by Scott City Schools constitutes your acceptance of the policies. Click here to view the Scott City R-1 Network Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. The public Wi-Fi network belongs to Scott City R-1 Schools and may be monitored at any time by the District.

Quick Instructions:

  1. Open your personal device's Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Select "SCGuest" from the list of networks.
  3. You will be presented with an option to sign in either as a "School Account" or a "Guest Account".
    1. "School Account" allows you to sign in with your SC-R1 school Google account, granting you all the access you enjoy as a member of the district. This is likely the option you wish to choose.
    2. "Guest Account" is for people without a SC-R1 Google account, such as guest speakers, vendors, etc.
  4. After selecting "School Account", enter your Google credentials on the next two screens.
  5. After signing in, you'll come to a Google search page, with the word "Done" in the top right corner. Click "Done".
  6. You should now be connected to SCGuest.


If you're still having trouble connecting, you can click this link to view similar instructions, but with images to assist. You may also submit a ticket to the technology help desk and the Technology Department will be happy to assist you!