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Add Narration to Google Slides

  1. You will need to have your Google Drive open and a second tab open with the Google Slide presentation you want to add narration to.
  2. Open a third tab and in the search bar type in “Online Voice Recorder.” The first option should be Click to open (or click the link on this page).
  3. This will take you straight to the recording software. When you are ready to narrate the slide, click the red microphone button, then click the tab to show your Google Slide presentation and narrate the information you want to go along with that slide. When you are finished narrating that slide, click back over to the tab with the voice recorder and click the red circle to stop the recording. An audio file will appear showing your recording. There are bars at the beginning and end of the audio file that you can use to edit the silent parts of your audio file. Click the save button. This will automatically download the file. Click X to close out of the recording.
  4. You can continue this for all of the slides you want to narrate. ***NOTE***You will want to make individual recordings for each slide.
  5. When all of your files are ready to go, switch over to your Google Drive tab. Create a folder called “Sound Recordings.” Click “New > File Upload > Downloads”. Click the recordings that you need and upload them to Google Drive.
  6. Go to your Google Slides Presentation and choose the first slide that you narrated. Click “Insert > Audio > My Drive”. You can hover over the recordings to see the number to know which audio file to insert on which slide. Click on it to select it and choose “Select.”
  7. Google will pop in an audio picture and you can click on it to see a play bar. You can move this picture to where it makes sense on your Google Slide.

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